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Top 5 Christmas Gadgets to Spend Your Cash Loan On

Written By adi mulias on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | 9:01 AM

So, Christmas music is being played in the shops and the lights have been turned on in town centres all over the country. We all know what that means - Christmas is just around the corner.

A cash loan will give you enough money to get the coolest gift of all. For less than £500, we've got a list of the top gadgets available, but remember, they sell out fast at this time of year

But, with plenty of time to spare and with cash loans offering speedy response times, we've come up with the best Christmas gadgets for you spend your money on this year.

1. The Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control
Recently given free advertising on TV, the Kymera Magic Wand can literally control every electrical appliance in your house. It's a button free remote control in the shape of a magic wand - amazing! With a Harry Potter swish or a Paul Daniels flick of the wrist, your TV could go from Hole in the Wall to Prison Break. For just £40, it may sound a lot for a remote control, this gadget will be the must-have for kids and adults alike this Christmas.

2. iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot
One of the more expensive gadgets on the list and in the shops. Perfect for those of us who watched The Jetsons and thought that was how the world should be, the iRobot floor washer does exactly what it says on the box. It washes your floors while you do whatever you want. If you hate mopping or scrubbing your tile or laminate floor - it's ideal for you. At around £400, it could be a little out of your Christmas price range but with a cash loan it doesn't have to be. It depends how much you really hate mopping!

3. Apple iPad
The most famous gadget on the list, the iPad is one of the most exciting inventions ever made. We don't really need to explain what it does as everyone in the world already knows, but it's a beautifully sleek designed piece of technology. Great usability and excellent fun to use, it's a shiny, chic embodiment of 21st Century technology. From around £400 upwards, depending on the spec you choose, it's a great way to tell someone you love them or you can tell yourself that you deserve one yourself.

4. Livescribe Echo Smartpen
With the strapline of 'never miss a word', the Echo Smartpen contains a microphone, built-in speaker, USB connector and earphone socket. Priced between £150-200, the new version of the Livescribe Pulse is the perfect accessory for journalists or students who haven't mastered the art of shorthand just yet.

5. Samsung Galaxy S
This big-screened smart phone is proving to be one of the most popular mobile phones in the UK, as well as Japan. It's easy to see why this phone is popular, with Android providing the brains to Samsung's beauty you can get hold of one for less than £500 on a pay as you go contract so a cash loan can get you ready for Christmas this year.

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